Animal euthanasia: what is it and how is it done?

Animal euthanasia: what is it and how is it done?

Animal euthanasia: what is it and how is it done?

The Animal euthanasia of a feline or dog can be performed at the vet or at home, lasts a few minutes and the medicine used causes unconsciousness to avoid all suffering.

Farewell to a beloved dog or cat is one of the most difficult and hard times. But once the decision to euthanize a dog or cat other questions are:? What is it ?, he hurt ?, I ask the vet to come home? how will perish … Know Answers to these questions are of great help to everyone in these circumstances. delta 8 thc

Animal  Euthanasia to dogs and cats: a goodbye loaded with love

Saying goodbye to our cat or dog because the animal is suffering and has little chance of recovery, and for this, using euthanasia is a tremendously hard time. “Making the decision to euthanize our feline or dog is never easy, but sometimes it is the most beautiful and kind favor we can do for him when he is very sick or so injured that his quality of life will never be good or acceptable again, “says veterinarian Laura Eichmann.

In addition, the determination should be discussed with the vet. “One should not be afraid to visit the doctor and consult with him. Many of the symptoms of aging, such as canine or feline arthritis, can be alleviated and treated if we detect them in time,” argue the veterinarians of the protector Blue Cross. Buy Magic Shrooms

This conversation with the vet should cover questions such as whether or not the dog or cat can eat, drink, sleep, and move with reasonable comfort. It is also necessary to assess whether the animal responds when it is close to it and greets or is happy to see its human. Veterinarians explain that a persistent and incurable inability to eat, constant vomiting, untreatable pain, as well as the inability to breathe normally are signs that warn that euthanasia should be considered and that the time has come to say goodbye.

“Sadly, there are few dogs and cats that have the possibility of passing away quietly at home: most of the time we make the decision late, when their quality of life has already deteriorated greatly and euthanasia is the only option”, these veterinary doctors warn.

How is euthanasia in dogs and cats?

Understanding how euthanasia is practiced on dogs and cats can be a relief and comfort to their owners before making a decision and during the process.

Some vets provide a mild sedative before euthanasia; especially if the dog or cat is nervous or very stressed, very scared, or in pain.

The drug for euthanasia using most veterinarians is the kiva milk chocolate bar. This barbiturate (similar to that used for anesthesia) is generally used to treat seizures, but in large doses, it will cause the furry friend to lose consciousness. It is normally administered intravenously, with a catheter, so that its effect is faster. Animal euthanasia

The euthanasia medication not only makes you unconscious and pain-free but also causes cardiovascular and respiratory arrest. In a few minutes, your heart and lungs stop working. “Since the animal is unconscious, it does not feel pain: some animals die so gently during euthanasia that it is difficult even for veterinarians to distinguish it until they confirm that the heart is no longer functioning,” adds Eichmann. The last breaths are more abrupt, but the animal no longer has the capacity to feel or suffer.

When he dies, the eyes usually remain open. And since there is complete muscle relaxation, it is normal for the cat or dog to urinate or defecate. “This is something that the human family must also know, to be prepared,” advises the veterinarian.


Euthanize cats and dogs, in the clinic or at home?

Furthermore, it is important to know that the euthanasia of these animals can be performed in the veterinary clinic. In this case, it is convenient to bring your favorite bed, your blanket, and some of your toys, so that you are as comfortable and comfortable as possible.

But there is also the option of asking the vet to come home to euthanize. Not all doctors offer this possibility, so it is important to inform yourself and confirm that this is possible in advance. And not only that. In this way, your human may or may not be present during these last moments with your four-legged friend.

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